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Witch Lights: Book 2 of the Blackwater Lights Trilogy

Witch Lights: Book Two of the Blackwater Lights Trilogy
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The heir to H. P. Lovecraft by way of Dean Koontz, Michael M. Hughes returns with a new tale of paranormal horror—the hair-raising follow-up to Blackwater Lights.

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Recent Writings and Talks:
I discussed tarot, UFOs, my weird childhood, and lots of other fascinating topics with Gordon White, my favorite interviewer from my favorite podcast, Rune Soup. You really must listen to this one. And if you’re into magic and you’re not reading Gordon’s books, you are missing out on the most insightful and groundbreaking work on the subject. Remedy that now and thank me later.

Talking Tarot with Gordon White on Rune Soup

Putting the Magic Back into Magic Mushrooms,” my 2015 talk at American University for the 920 Day of Action, is now on YouTube.

Learn how crazed fundamentalist Jack Chick was—for once—right about D&D as a gateway to occultism.

Jack Chick Was Right: How Dungeons and Dragons Made Me an Occultist (We Are the Mutants)

never_fear_the_tarotI have a new short story in the just-released anthology, Never Fear—The Tarot. There are some great writers in this anthology, including NYT bestselling author Heather Graham and my friend (and one of the best in the field of horror) Lisa Mannetti.

Watch my talk on The Art and Magic of the Tarot from Fortfest 2016.

My latest tarot article, Tarot Card Reading with Beautiful Ancient Decks, is featured on Crixeo.

I tell a true and very spooky story for the Stoop Storytelling Series episode “Conjurings.”

Latest interview on Where Did the Road Go? radio show.

The story behind Blackwater Lights is included in Story Behind the Book: Volume 4 (Essays on Writing and Editing Fiction).

Check out the video of my kickoff talk for The Big Read 2015, The Meaning of Magic: Ursula K. Le Guin’s A Wizard of Earthsea. 

See William Butler Yeats’s magical Golden Dawn Elemental Weapons and Secret Journals (The Daily Grail)

Interview with Alan Warren on the Warren X-Change podcast.

Edgar of Lombard (short story) in Geo-Poe: Short Stories Inspired by the Life and Death of Edgar Allan Poe (Eight Stone Press)

Spooky But True Story of an Imaginary Playmate Gone Bad (Stoop Storytelling Series)

How an Obscure 2nd Century Christian Heresy Influenced Snowpiercer (io9)

Interview at Jon Winokur’s Advice to Writers website.

Video of a talk on writing and publishing at the Maryland Writers Association Annapolis chapter.

The Secret Society that Brought Magic to the Modern Age (The Daily Grail)

UFOs: The Reality of the Impossible (video presentation from StrangeCon 1).

The One Literary Reference You Must Know to Appreciate True Detective (io9) SEE ALSO: My True Detective and the King in Yellow archive.

Do Obscure Literary References Hold the Key to Unlocking True Detective? (The Connectivist)

Latest Hydra Files column (at Suvudu): Five Novels of the Supernatural You Must Read

My home-brewed D&D adventure, “The Tomb of Areopagus the Cloaked and Japheth of the Mighty Staff,” appears in The Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord & Other Adventures from Our Shared Youth (The Hutchingsonian Presents, 2013).

“Unwrapped” (short story) in Canopic Jars: Tales of Mummies and Mummification (Great Old Ones Publishing, 2013).

My ebook, The Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ, is available through Digital DJ Tips. It’s the only book of its kind, aimed at DJs who want to break into the lucrative and recession-proof wedding DJ circuit, and it comes with oodles of extras.

My article 4 Reasons Why You Should DJ Weddings can be found at Digital DJ Tips.

I got a mention in the New York Times in an article about e-books and e-readers: E-Books Make Readers Less Isolated (NYT, August 20, 2010). The article and my quote was also referenced in The Economist.

Invocation of the Incisor and Other Dark Tales
(ebook) Available from Amazon, Smashwords, Kobobooks, iBooks, and B&N.

Guest blog at Helluo Librorum: One Writer’s Journey: From Nowhere to Somewhere, But Not Quite There Yet

Review: Norman Prentiss Reads From His Novella Invisible Fences (Cemetery Dance).

Short Fiction

“The Adversary” in Never Fear—the Tarot (13thirty).

“The Lost Book of Grimm: Hermeneutics, Intertextuality, and Psychocthonian Extrusions into Objectivity” (short story) in A Mythos Grimmly (Wanderer’s Haven Publications, 2015)

“Unwrapped” (short story) in Canopic Jars: Tales of Mummies and Mummification (Great Old Ones Publishing, 2013).

Invocation of the Incisor and Other Dark Tales (ebook)

The Blackwater Lights (short story) published in Legends of the Mountain State (Woodland Press)


Story Behind Blackwater Lights, published in Upcoming4.me Speculative Fiction Magazine.

Dirty Work: Is porn bad for us?, published in Urbanite, July 2009.

Sweet Sustainability, published in Urbanite, April, 2009.

Epic Cop Fail: Or How Obama Won The Election, and I Spent The Night in Central Booking (City Paper, November 11, 2008)

Sacred Intentions: Inside the Johns Hopkins Psilocybin Studies (City Paper, Vol. 32, No. 41 October 8, 2008) Also available on Alternet.

Audio: My Nemesis (The Stoop Storytelling Series, April 5, 2007) (Audio here; not quite safe for work listening)

Stuff About Me

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One Writer’s Journey: From Nowhere to Somewhere, But Not Quite There Yet (Helluo Librorum)

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