My Spooky But True Story (Stoop Storytelling Series)


When I was five or six-years-old I had an imaginary playmate named Mr. Bixby.

I told my mother he was a little doctor, and when he would visit me, he appeared as a floating ball of light in my bedroom.

At about the same age I started having horrible nightmares. My mother would come into my bedroom and I would be terrified, pointing at something only I could see, my eyes bugging out and mouth open screaming—but so frightened I wasn’t making a sound.

She didn’t understand why I was so deathly afraid to go to sleep in my bedroom every night. But I knew what was happening. Mr. Bixby had turned bad.

You can listen to the full story here, from the terrific Stoop Storytelling Series.

Michael Hughes
Written by Michael Hughes

Michael M. Hughes is a writer and performer. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

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